The Benefits of using Unicorn Cup Period Cup?

No leaks, no peeing on a tampon string, won’t come out when you use the toilet, no ‘period’ smell, no dryness and most importantly significantly less risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). The Unicorn Cup collects your flow, rather than absorbing it along with your vaginal fluid. When you use a Unicorn Cup, you won’t even remember you’re on your period!


No more being caught out with no sanitary pads or tampons at home, in your bag or at work. Unicorn Cup Period Cup, with it's unique foldable case/wash cup means you can pop one in your bag and be ready for your period, wherever you are!


Unicorn Cup Period Cup can hold up to 3 times the amount of a regular tampon and can last for up to 12 HOURS! (Dependant on how heavy your flow is). The unique foldable wash cup allows you to discreetly wash your Unicorn Cup menstrual cup in public bathroom cubicles, on days when your flow is really heavy (we advise changing every 5 or 6 hours on very heavy days).


Unicorn Cup Period Cup is Hypo Allergenic, Latex Free, BPA free and is ideal for everyone, even those with allergies. Have you ever used the wrong absorbency of tampon on a light day, then tried to remove it? You won't experience that with your Unicorn Cup as, unlike tampons, it collects your flow without absorbing your vaginal fluid or leaving behind fibres.

Cost Effective

Unicorn Cup Period Cup can last for years. Think about how many sanitary pads or tampons you've bought in the past. Now say goodbye to throwing your money away as you only need to buy one Unicorn Cup Menstrual cup (can last between 5 and 10 years).

Environmentally Friendly

Recent figures claim that a menstruator will use an average of round 16,000 tampons or sanitary towels in their lifetime, using a Unicorn Cup Period Cup will significantly cut down on your Carbon Footprint so it's not just better for you, it's better for the World.

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