Watch our guide on how to insert your Period Cup

OK, this is the part I'm sure most of you want to read about! We'll make it as straightforward as possible because . . . it is!

You'll discover the best method for you but I'd suggest starting out with the same position you use to insert a tampon


Sitting over the toilet, take your Unicorn cup and fold using either the U-Fold or the Push Down fold (the one we prefer!). Relax and insert your Unicorn Cup as you would with a tampon, towards your tailbone, but NOT as far.

The Unicorn Cup Period Cup sits much lower down the vaginal canal than a tampon does. You'll be able to use your fingers to feel if the cup has fully opened, if you can feel a fold or a crease then you should remove (see below) and give it another go.Once the cup has been inserted correctly, it will form a gentle seal meaning NO LEAKS!!IF YOUR UNICORN CUP HAS BEEN INSERTED CORRECTLY, YOU WON'T EVEN FEEL IT!


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