Look after Me - Unicorn Cup Menstrual Cup

So most of what you’re about to read is common sense but bear with it and read through until the end. . . . if you look after your Unicorn Cup Menstrual Cup, it will look after you, and last you up to 10 years!

Before use


Make sure you wash your hands and, if it's your first time using your Unicorn Cup, wash the cup thoroughly with warm water and a mild, unscented OIL FREE soap. Please don't use anything else to wash your Unicorn Cup as this could damage the silicone.


If emptying your Unicorn Cup at home, wash your hands thoroughly then simply pour the contents carefully down the toilet, then rinse with water and/or mild, unscented OIL FREE soap then re-insert. If you're using a public bathroom, wash your hands then fill the unique Wash Cup no more than a third of the way up. Enter the cubicle and remove your Unicorn cup, pop it in the wash cup and put the lid on, give the cup a good shake, pour the contents down the toilet (but not your Unicorn Cup!) then re-insert the Unicorn Cup. Dry off the wash cup with toilet paper, fold it down and pop it back in your bag!

Frequency - Each woman is different and after two or three periods, you'll know how often you should change your Unicorn Cup. At the start, you'll probably change it far too much but soon enough, you'll be a pro!

After your period is finished

You can either pop your Unicorn cup in an open pot and let it boil carefully for ten minutes, or you can pop the Unicorn Cup in your Wash Cup, pour over boiling water and drop in a sterilising tablet or fluid (suitable for babies bottles and teats) and let it sit for ten minutes.


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