Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes! The Unicorn Cup is made from soft, medical grade silicone so if you have latex allergies there’s no need to worry with the Unicorn Cup!

No, the Unicorn Cup shouldn’t be used if you have thrush. Please consult your doctor and use sanitary pads until the yeast infection has cleared. If your Unicorn Cup has come into contact with the infection, please discard and purchase another Unicorn Cup to prevent re infection.

Yes you can still use the Unicorn Cup, although you should consult your GP first. There is no risk of your IUD being dislodged if you follow the Removal instructions correctly by breaking the seal before you remove the cup.

Based on our research, the Unicorn cup will be suitable for the majority of women. Other brands sell different sizes based upon a woman’s age and whether or not she has had children. Based on our testing (and women being all different shapes and sizes!) the cup fits women under 30, over 30, who have delivered vaginally and who haven’t! There will be a small percentage of women who the Unicorn Cup isn’t suitable for but for the majority, it will fit perfectly.

Natural staining can occur but this doesn’t mean your Unicorn Cup can’t be used! Try boiling in an open pot for ten minutes or using a sterilising tablet or fluid (suitable for babies bottles and teats).

No, your Unicorn Cup should not smell. There is no known risk of vaginal infections from use of a menstrual cup. Please remove your cup and consult your GP.

That’s like asking if carrying a cup of water can be messy . . only if you throw it around 🙂