I can go out at the weekend and not worry about having to change a tampon every few hours. Literally put it in before I went out at 9pm and didn't have to change it until I woke at 4am for a pee. No leaks on my clothes or underwear either


At first I couldn't get the hang of it but by my second period, it was so easy.


I will never ever go back to using pads. I couldn't use tampons but the Unicorn Cup is so comfortable.


I tried the cup and think it's brill! It's great not having to worry about pads and stuff and no leaking whatsoever. I'm converted!


I put it in, in the morning and can forget about it all day in work, and it doesn't leak :-)


I love it. I found it a wee bit tricky the first time but fine now. I was two days into my period when I started to use it but thought it was fab. So glad I bought one. Will give it rave reviews :-)